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    It takes awhile before Gemini's range is reveled, and also what appears to Virgo as a lack of cohesion.

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    It contains the active leg information: origin waypoint "POINTA" and destination waypoint "POINTB", bearing between the two points 97.0 True, 103.2 Magnetic.It does NOT display the bearing from current location to destination waypoint!$GPRMC,220516, A,5133.82, N,00042.24, W,173.8,231.8,130694,004.2, W*70 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 220516 Time Stamp 2 A validity - A-ok, V-invalid 3 5133.82 current Latitude 4 N North/South 5 00042.24 current Longitude 6 W East/West 7 173.8 Speed in knots 8 231.8 True course 9 130694 Date Stamp 10 004.2 Variation 11 W East/West 12 *70 checksum eg4.$GPRMC,hhmmss.ss, A,llll.ll,a,yyyyy.yy,a,x.x,x.x,ddmmyy,x.x,a*hh 1 = UTC of position fix 2 = Data status (V=navigation receiver warning) 3 = Latitude of fix 4 = N or S 5 = Longitude of fix 6 = E or W 7 = Speed over ground in knots 8 = Track made good in degrees True 9 = UT date 10 = Magnetic variation degrees (Easterly var.$GPXTE, A, A,0.67, L, N A General warning flag V = warning (Loran-C Blink or SNR warning) A Not used for GPS (Loran-C cycle lock flag) 0.67 cross track error distance L Steer left to correct error (or R for right) N Distance units - Nautical miles eg2. [ Top ] This information on NMEA sentences has been sourced from all over the 'net and I make no apologies for any inaccuracies or errors. I wish to thank all the sources, which are listed on my GPS Links page.$GPXTE, A, A,4.07, L, N*6D 1 2 3 4 5 6 1 A validity 2 A cycle lock 3 4.07 distance off track 4 L steer left (L/R) 5 N distance units 6 *6D checksum Date & Time UTC, day, month, year, and local time zone. Please contact me if you know of freely available interpretations of sentences which are not on this page.

    Where a numeric latitude or longitude is given, the two digits immediately to the left of the decimal point are whole minutes, to the right are decimals of minutes, and the remaining digits to the left of the whole minutes are whole degrees. $--STN,xx xx = Talker ID number, 00 to 99 Dual Ground / Water Speed Water referenced and ground referenced speed data.$--VBW,x.x,x.x, A,x.x,x.x, A x.x = Longitudinal water speed, knots x.x = Transverse water speed, knots A = Status: Water speed, A = Data valid x.x = Longitudinal ground speed, knots x.x = Transverse ground speed, knots A = Status: Ground speed, A = Data valid eg1. $GPVTG,054.7, T,034.4, M,005.5, N,010.2, K 054.7, T True track made good 034.4, M Magnetic track made good 005.5, N Ground speed, knots 010.2, K Ground speed, Kilometers per hour eg3.BOD,045., T,023., M, DEST, START 045., T bearing 045 degrees True from "START" to "DEST" 023., M breaing 023 degrees Magnetic from "START" to "DEST" DEST destination waypoint ID START origin waypoint ID Example 1: $GPBOD,099.3, T,105.6, M, POINTB,*01 Waypoint ID: "POINTB" Bearing 99.3 True, 105.6 Magnetic This sentence is transmitted in the GOTO mode, without an active route on your GPS.WARNING: this is the bearing from the moment you press enter in the GOTO page to the destination waypoint and is NOT updated dynamically!

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      less Golden State Warriors' Kevin Durant greets Los Angeles Clippers' head coach Doc Rivers after Clippers' 125-106 win during NBA game at Oracle Arena in Oakland, Calif., on Wednesday, January 10, 2018. more Golden State Warriors' Kevin Durant scores his 20,000th career point on a 2nd quarter jumper against Los Angeles Clippers during NBA game at Oracle Arena in Oakland, Calif., on Wednesday, January 10, 2018.

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