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    I’m less confident on this one, but 20% seems like a conservative guess.

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    q-: almost all words with q may also be written with k. Qahil: 1 symbol for Nitrogen 2 symbol for unlimited number n.a.: |the written abbreviation of “numpang alamat” identical to “in care of” in English, used when you are sending a letter for someone to another person who will keep it for him/her| /ld/ vulture 1 |a large wild bird that eats dead animals| 2 |someone who uses other people’s troubles for his/her own advantage| nasar2: see penasaran: nasarani: see nasrani: nasehat: see nasihat: nasi1: /frm/lu/ 1 grandmother, great-aunt. However, in Indonesian, “makan pagi”, “makan siang”, and “makan malam” can be function as a noun or a verb. makanya: variant of maka: makar1: /frm/lu/ proverbial fruit which brings bad luck to sb who is dear to the owner if he cats it and equally bad luck to another dear person if he does not eat it.

    /prov./ bagai makan buah simalakama: damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.

    3 acquiesce |to agree with someone without arguing or complaining, often when you do not want to| 4 allow, consent |to give your permission for something to happen| /frm/lu/ 1 police administrative unit at county level. 2 army administrative level just below division 3 the Protestant Church administrative level who coordinate about ten to twenty smaller Churches resosialisasi: a group of rowdy children 3 clamorous |loudly and wildly to complain about or demand something| 4 uproarious |having a lot of noise or angry protest about something| 5 turbulent |full of strong changing movements (weather) 6 strident |a sound that is strident is loud and unpleasant| The search for the missing climber was hampered by the bad weather 3 block |to prevent anything from moving through a space by filling it| Sliding embankment has hampered the road Tanggul yang longsor telah merintangi jalan. His father now reconciled again with his mother after being separated for some time 2 send |to recommend someone or something to another place or person for further information, advice, or treatment| They live in harmony and peace 2 rukun tetangga: neighborhood association |administrative unit for a number of neighbouring households just below village level| 3 rukun warga: administrative unit that consist of a number of rukun tetangga at the next-to-lowest level in city.

    4 forbid There is a law which forbid us to go there 4 hinder |to make it difficult for someone to do something| Awan tebal telah merintangi pesawat mendarat. 3 cooperative organization /ld/ 1 side a) |one of the people, groups, teams, or countries opposing each other in a quarrel, war, competition etc| b) |the part of an object or area that is farthest from the middle| 2 wing paksi1: /frm/lu/ the principles of the Republic of Indonesia as a nation; a) the belief in God Almighty, b) hu­manism (that all human kind has equal rights to have freedom and to be treated in justice), c) nationalism (the unity and the existence of Indonesia as a nation); d) democracy |political rights of the people which is channelled by the wisdom of representative deliberation|; e) social justice for all Indonesians.

    She spends all of his money and flirts openly with other men.

    I can tell it bothers him but he's so afraid of losing her that he doesn't say anything.

    b) /med/ implant |a birth control method by inserting a contraceptive-contained small tube under the skin of a women| 2 pin, nail.‘ malam1: They have official order to shoot every intruder 3 power of attorney |the legal right to do things for someone else in his/her business or personal life, or the document that gives this right| mandataris: (Indonesian rammar)” although the role of a pronoun changed but the spelling doesn’t changed.So use “mereka” as a subject pronoun (they), object pronoun (them), possessive adjective pronoun (their), possessive pronoun (theirs), reflexive pronoun (themselves). merem: /frm/lu/ 1 pulpit, rostrum |speaker’s platform or a structure like a tall box at the front of a hall, from which someone speaks| 2 special column from the editor to the readers of a printed media| mimik1: Ask her to come tomorrow.loyalty, fidelity, and honesty in a romantic relationship.I know John's always wanted a girlfriend but since him and Mary started dating he's become a cuck.

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